About Us

Kandy Kisses Boutique is a family based,  eclectic clothing company centered around the belief that each and every child is colorful and unique....and the clothes they wear should be an outward expression of that simple uniqueness. We love to combine the unexpected and tinker with the unordinary.

In our studio, a simple button can become an exciting drawing board, a yard of lace can become the dance floor to our imagination, and color is always the spoon that mixes it all together.

Because our designs are totally unique, at times we will offer limited quantities to preserve the integrity of certain creations.

We do not contract out our sewing to third parties! Each and every product is handsewn by us in our loving home as we live, love and enjoy life. 

If you are looking for something special...or dont see what you need on the website....JUST ASK!!  We are always happy to accept special requests....sewing is our passion and if you can imagine it....no doubt we can create it.

We are limited only by the extent of our creative imagination...lets play!


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